October 20, 2017



Today myself and Tom went to London SeaLife Centre for some research to see some jellyfish up close and personal, as opposed to stock footage through a computer screen. Whilst at the new jellyfish exhibition I spent a lot of time with jellyfish and learnt so much about different species, how they look, swim, move, and about how they live and exist. Even the atmosphere of the exhibit inspired different feelings and gave me a better sense of atmosphere for my animation, in terms of colour, sound and space.

October 18, 2017


Ai Standard Surface Materials, Metal, Gold, Bubble, Crystal, Jelly, Brushed Metal, Metal

Displacement maps, texturing

October 02, 2017



Set in a rock pool. Lonely jellyfish is sad and alone as he cannot be friends with others as he stings everything he touches. We will see lots of shots of him separated from the other fish and watching them longingly, and see him sting something he tries to touch. Daytime shots of him only, and of him going to sleep as it gets dark. Hermit crab is lonely because she is nocturnal, and is the only creature in the rock pool that is awake at night. We will see shots of her waking up to an empty, dark and quiet version of the rock pool, looking sad, to show that she is lonely. They both want a friend, but the jellyfish is only awake during the day and never gets to meet the crab, as she sleeps inside her shell during the day. We see both characters being lonely and pining for a friend, and we as an audience keep hoping for them to meet each other. Until one day an eclipse happens, and the rock pool is suddenly in darkness during the day time, when all the creatures are awake. The crab wakes up, confused and thinking it is night time, but sees all the other awake creatures around her. All animals, including the jellyfish and crab, are looking up towards the eclipse through the water, dazed and confused. The hermit crab, who has peeked out of her shell, and the jellyfish, now glowing brilliantly in the dark with his bioluminescence, are facing opposite ways, back to back, and they start wandering backward absentmindedly while looking up at the eclipse... and they accidentaly collide! The jellyfish, horrified that he just bumped into someone and hurt them with his tentacles, spins around at the same time the crab does and they finally see each other face to face, only to see that this crab was not effected or hurt by his sting. Jellyfish is unsure and pokes the crab tentatively with a tentacle, and the jellyfish comes to the realisation that she is not hurt because of her hard shell. Jellyfish is excited that he has found a friend he could not hurt with his tentacles, and the lonely crab is excited that the jellyfish notices her and wants to be her friend.

  • The whole point of film is about their efforts to get together and make friends, but Something stops them every time 
  • Rock in between them? Always miss each other 
  • Third character is the environment! Conflict coming from tide going in and coming out, as the crab goes on land during the day when the tide is in, and the jellyfish is gone at night. 
  • Jellyfish character who is lonely, crab character who is lonely, both want a friend, Jellyfish does not have friends because he stings everything he touches, crab is lonely because he is nocturnal and only comes out when it is dark. Both characters share the same space but at different times, making the audience tense that they keep missing meeting each other. 
  • Tide comes in and out, crab goes on land, always miss 
  • One space that they occupy at different times, night and day, quest is to figure out how they get to be in the same space and meet each other 
  • Jelly fish is lonely and only ever in this space when there is water 
  • Hermit crab is lonely and only in there when it is dry


To help further my story and have it also be factually correct in some way, I researched if crabs were really nocturnal, and it turns out they are, as well as a few other species of crab.